At Foot and Ankle Wellness Clinic, we treat many different foot conditions for our patients. The treatments we use at our Los Angeles and Glendale offices will naturally depend on the conditions being addressed. In order to provide the most effective care possible, we rely on an assortment of nonsurgical tools and techniques to achieve our objectives. When it comes to certain pressure related foot troubles,silicone foot implants might be the right tool to fix your chronic problem.

For the benefit of those unfamiliar with this particular treatment method, these injections use FDA-approved, medical-grade silicone to provide safe cushioning for problem areas of the feet. The silicone is carefully injected and induces the formation of collagen fibers (the main supportive framework for skin and soft tissues), while combining with fatty tissue to provide extra internal cushioning.

This procedure is performed in areas that are affected by corns and calluses. Also, indicated are areas subjected to excessive pressure, placing the patient at risk for developing diabetic foot wounds. Using silicone foot implantation as a prevention measure for these wounds can potentially protect a patient from a situation that might otherwise necessitate amputation.

Silicone implantation is not only safe, but also long-lasting. Booster implants can be anticipated, but this is typically only necessary years after the initial treatment.

You might wonder about the risks entailed with this form of foot care. We are happy to let you know that issues are rare and typically limited to slight skin discoloration or a painless movement or shifting of the silicone over time. It is possible that lumps or skin tags form and need to be removed, but this is rather unlikely.

Silicone foot implants are just one of many foot care services we provide here at Foot and Ankle Wellness Clinic, so contact us today to find out what we can do for you. Our LA and Glendale offices offer many treatments and therapies to not only address painful problems, but also help your feet and toes look their best. Call our Los Angeles office at (323) 937-6903 or our Glendale, CA office at (818) 240-7673 today.