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Are you embarrassed about your feet’s appearance? Are you constantly hiding them in socks? Well, fret no more. There is more to helping your feet look and feel better than a simple pedicure. You need the expertise of Dr. Suzanne Mancherian of the Foot & Ankle Wellness Clinics of Los Angeles. Dr. Mancherian is an expert in a new specialty called “Cosmetic Podiatry,” which leaves your feet looking and feeling better than ever.

Cosmetic Podiatry gives your feet a beautiful, healthy glow while improving their overall health. All treatments are designed with your health in mind, stimulating nerve endings and promoting blood circulation. And, we can all agree that when your feet are healthy, the rest of you feels better!

So, take the first step. Discover Cosmetic Podiatry at the Foot & Ankle Wellness Clinics. You won’t be sorry! It’s where chic feet go to meet.

Our cosmetic podiatry services include:

– Expanded Sterile Pedicure
– Sterile Medical Pedicure
– Sculptra™/Restylane® (Fluid Silicone Implantation)
– Chemical Peel
– Paraffin Therapy
– Botox
– Basalt Pedicure
– Microdermabrasion
– Reflexology
– Silicone
– Hot Rock Massage
– Mineral and Citrus Sugar Scrubs

Expanded Sterile Pedicure
For soft, healthy, younger-feeling feet, we apply a humectant spray, brighten nails, exfoliate and deride hard skin build up. We use a thermal bamboo scrub, then apply a refreshing mint masque with hot rock therapy for the toes, to finish we apply a hydrating copper cream to deeply moisturize and firm the skin.

Sterile Medical Pedicure
The most thorough pedicure treatment available. We use sterile stainless-steel instruments and other single-use items, eliminating concerns of infection, taking care of any hard skin and difficult nails.

“Pillows for Feet” replace the padding in high-stress areas of your feet, leaving them extra comfortable – especially in high heels!

Chemical Peel
Alpha, Beta and Salicylic Acid. Stubborn, hard skin and discoloration are removed by a custom blend of chemicals, producing a smooth finish.

Paraffin Therapy
Take care of hard skin and cracking while reducing symptoms of arthritis and stressed musculature as you relax with the soothing, aromatherapeutic vapors released by the warm wax. Single-use slipper casings provide deep heating to penetrate the skin, moisturizing throughout.

Eliminate foot perspiration with this simple treatment.

Basalt Pedicure
Combined with a sterile pedicure, the exfoliating and healing qualities of natural basalt stones leave your feet soothed, smoothed and rejuvenated and residue-free.

To even out discoloration and produce a smooth, fine finish, we apply high-intensity powder using our special equipment to remove superficial layers of skin and rejuvenate feet.

By targeting different nerve endings in your feet, we relax the rest of your body, reducing ailments throughout.

Hot Rock Massage
Soften your feet back to their original state with this deeply therapeutic massage that penetrates the foot muscles. Melt away tension!

Mineral and Citrus Sugar Scrubs
Renew your foot epidermis with our array of exfoliating scrubs. To be added á la carte to the Sterile Pedicure.

Where chic feet go to meet!

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Foot and Ankle Wellness Clinic

About Dr. Mancherian

At The Foot and Ankle Wellness Clinic, in Los Angeles, California and Glendale, California, Dr. Suzanne Mancherian treats patients throughout the area and provides care for ankle and foot injuries, ingrown toenails, nail replacement, neuromas, corns and calluses, laser toenail fungus treatment, prescription orthotics and plantar fasciitis.

Dr. Mancherian obtained her Bachelor’s in Political Science at the University of California-San Diego. She then went on to graduate with a degree in Biology from the Dr. William M. Scholl College of Podiatric Medicine. Following this, she obtained her graduate degree as a Doctor of Podiatric Medicine. Her residency training was completed at the Veterans Affairs hospital in North Chicago specializing in Medicine and then at St. Joseph’s Hospital affiliated with Northwestern University also in Chicago, specializing in Surgery. She is a member of the American Podiatric Medical Association, the California Podiatric Medical Association, and the Los Angeles County Podiatric

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Given the complexity of their structures and the tremendous force loads they endure on a regular basis, it is not surprising that feet and ankles can develop an array of issues. This means there is no “catch all” treatment to fix everything. Instead, podiatrists rely on various tools and techniques to provide relief from painful symptoms and restore functionality for our patients.

One of the tools we uniquely use here at Foot and Ankle Wellness Clinic to address cushioning issues and keep your feet protected is liquid silicone implantation. Let’s take a look at this effective treatment option and the various conditions and situations where it is used.

Fluid Silicone Implantation Treatment

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